Sunday, March 22, 2009

Signs and 'in the moment'!

I am on a blogging spree, perhaps, lol! I was just talking about the seamless ways I can pour in my nonsense on these pages and here I am reinforcing it, looks like!
There is this feeling I have. About signs. Yes, I know , The Alchemist will be the immediate reference here, but I think Alchemist consolidated this idea I always had. Before I do something,I have positive and negative signs. Somethings which will tell me if what I am going to do is going to work out or not. There might not be anything religious or spiritual about it in my case, but such things happen to me. Happen to lots of other people also, but this is my blog, nay? So let me speak for myself :P lol!
I think of myself as this extremely impulsive being.I do, then think, unlike others who think before they act. And I haven't been free of trouble with this kind of attitude. And when doing, or acting on my impulses I am intuitive, very much so. Its like living in the moment and then ruminate about it at leisure. Ruminate a lot , actually. Not in an effort to alter / scheme whether this step was the reason I am here or the nonsense, but its like telling myself, you were given a moment and you did what you had felt like. Gives a certain pleasure. To be uninhibited and free of the moral tensions that play down the energy or enthusiasm of the situation you bring yourself to.
Gosh! I shall stop for today! * Mouth-shut! *

P.S.The title was 'Signs'. Due to my random blabbering I had to make it signs and 'in the moment'. Lol! How I digress, how wayward! lol!

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