Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What 'New' Year brought and left ! :|

My blog screams *Where the F*** have you been?* :P

Seems I am not even loyal to this, sigh!

But I promise to return.

What I 'did' for New Years-

Night: Oh, I had the best time ever! Cool-ly out of mood, no one home, no great food, no calls [I did not take many] , a 2 day old chocolate pastry, a pounding head, Sweeet sleep and sweet dreams. Silence!
Morning: We , my gang of friends from coll and I,usually have no trouble having ad-hoc parties/lunches/'games'. But, on the day, we were all, sort of, *yeah, we'll go here*, *oh, no, not that one* *trek?* *Drive?* *No* *Yes* *No clue* *Bleh!* ALL of this and we ended up, only 5 of the 6, at my place and *danced* like crazy [Now whoever danced when in 'senses'!]. Anyway,I do not *dance* [Oh, I did dance once, this year*secret!*], and hence was screaming and playing the DJ AND getting all this on video. All for exactly two hours after which we did some more nonsense 'googling' and 'nothing'.
The rest of the day- Hermit! :) I am always so busy with myself :P

Ahead: Whats 'going-to-be':

Academic-Geeky,I know, but its really taken up a large chunk of worry in my head. The departments have great plans and were sweet enough to post us a HUGE timetable loaded on and off with exams till March end on new year's [Yes, WE have college on New Year's]. I am still counting on my good stars for the attendance,this year, I've been rather too easy to whims and I either over-slept or went out of mood just when I had a class to attend. The exams have been equally terrible, I've gotten tired of declaring after every exam that the paper was 'silly'! And then there is my 'forever- dream' of starting on the USMLE preparations. And in a few months, I'll be in the final year, yippie!! I see some end to it after all!

Friends- Have been ultra cool this year, the ones from coll. We, all girls, had rather too tiny fights. NEVER a proper fight! [It is another thing, that I'd run from the faintest sound of a fight, I get so pissed off by *rough* weather between people!]

Other friends- Read, friends off campus. Made loads of *friends-only* *<> Friends*. But then again, no one that may encroach, thankfully. :)

Found loads of new songs to sing, new poets to enjoy, new books to read [obviously :P], gadgets to go ga-ga about, food to cook and eat, new ways to while away time, new ideas for blogging, got to writing [Im still reluctant to gulp that bit down!], movie-watching, places to eat, etc etc.

Been dreamy, been practical, been this, been that. All of me :)

On the utterly personal front- I've been HAPPY!! [Though this has been, by far, the year, with the most no. of *cried-all-night, woke-up-dumb* days/nights. To sum up I am happy- seeing 'someone' for over a year, is wow! :P ]