Sunday, March 22, 2009


Death anniversaries specially. Today I had been to my grandma's place. It is the death anniversary of my uncle. Maternal uncle. He had lost his life in a freak accident, was run over by a truck.I do not have many memories of him but I am told I was his pet. And I know he was the cynosure of my mom's eyes . My mom cannot stop crying about him, even though 19 years have passed since. A lot has changed, as it will.
I will not write about death. I had vowed not to. I cannot grasp the enormity of it or the insignificance of it, yet. Yes, it is both enormous and insignificant.
What I think about is this: How long do you remember a person, remember his death anniversary, mark that day with certain rituals or make the deceased persons favorite food and distribute among the needy [-is what my grandparents do each year!] ? How long?
I had seen this movie 'Before Sunrise' yesterday in which the protagonist says "I remember this grave the best, [the name plate reads elizabeth]. She was 13 when she died. I was 13 when I saw this.Now I am 23 years old and what about her? She is 13, still?"
There is something I might be missing in the connection between these two things/events. The lines in the movie and my own thoughts about the time to which we recount the memories of the deceased.
I shall conclude, soon.

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