Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Nothing, nothing changes about this one thing- Exams!

This is one common thread to all Indian students- Exams are exams- they affect each and everyone- the top scorer, the averager, the bpls, everyone :P

Common denominators/quotients/remainders/whatever!!

Terrified- The off color faces, once the date of the exam is passed on. Picture-perfect! :P
Petrified- The day before the exam - "I know nothing, yet!! Are we going to pass?? *The saddest, most helpless look ever*" - While on the inside - Shit, I have 10 more chapters to finish- I will!! *Battling that heavy drowning sigh :P*
Mugging- Days in, Nights out :D Cram!! There is no better word :D
Nauseating- In front of the exam hall when you have this terrible churn in the stomach that says- Oh ****!!!
Emesis- In the exam hall - I am just using a polished term :P

After the exam

- Discuss *Sshh, you've done your best - 'You are your only comfort', nay? :P*

Resume! Back to normal!! :)

[Disclaimer- This is the general consensus, through my cynical eyes- This ,in no way applies to me!! If you don't buy it(The above, or my disclaimer)- let me tell you, I have an exam morrow :D- Braveheart, eh? :P *I am just in NO mood to study! :(*]
Things that amuse me / amuse everyone - in the time around exams :

- The capacity for adsorption- The tremendous ability that is granted to you, only and only the day before the exam. I guess it should fly away afterwards, there are ever so many people giving exams all over :P
- The zillion wonderful thoughts- I can think of the most 'wonderful' thoughts- those that are cheesy/mushy/funny/serious/world-changing/deeply introspective/retrospective/blah blah et al.
- I can make the most exciting friend or strike upon the most awesome piece of art/ poetry just then.
- I can get SO inspired to work harder, so very inspired! *again, the following day, there isn't one trace :P*
- I get all hungry, all so sleepy- but I have to stay up and eat lesser, duh! All the past days' hunger and sleep come calling only then!

Blah, blah- Since I am updating this part AFTER the exam, the other things seem to have abandoned me. So when its exam time again, expect an update. Of course, you are free to share in yours too :P


  1. Lol!

    All the best with the rest of the exams, and also with the results.. :)


    God Bless!

  2. best wishes and
    greetings from trichur