Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who will cry when you die?

Cheesy,I know! But this one really got me thinking, after the innumerable rounds of dismissal of such 'not-my-type-of-talk' warriors, I got to this.I've become an expert at answering things on Orkut's forums and since I put so much effort, bringing them to log on this page!!

I am in no mood to edit- Understand/ Read at your own risk or ability. :)

"My first impression when I saw this thread, and the questions was to take a red pen and write one word next to every question, in bold- NONE!

Since tonight, I am in one of my nicer moods (which makes me feel upto taking a chance with answering this, I mean), I will answer, or try, my best :)

Who are your friends.. who likes you despite your flaws....?
My friends are those that can tolerate me. No one 'likes' flaws, for example, no one 'likes' a burnt toast, perhaps, you just dont care to point it out, or there is a better feeling you nurture inside for the person that it covers the minor showings of 'flaws'.

Who loves you unconditionally?
Umm, I never knew love comes on/with/under certain conditions?!!??!

Who are the people who go looking for you when you go missing?
I take breaks from people now and then, which is pretty much like going missing. And who's looked for me? Well, my friends, now, look for me, as in, to when I'll get back. If you are asking who will come and search for me,then its none. I would not like it much either. :)

Who are the people who call you up for advise,comfort,confiding?
I think I call and irritate my friends with my stuff :P (Which is comforting to both of us:P ) Those who can make me listen are also the same set, but they'll have to let me finish too ;)

Who accepts you as you are...?
I do not find much of complaining from anyone. They just say- 'Rukhiya, you are...' Now, the last word keeps changing between flattering/ swearing. So, I should think, I am accepted? (Sounds like 'We 'accept' mastercard :P)

Who is gonna miss you when you are not there?
Probably, my gang of friends at coll. Those are the only set I meet everyday. Rest of them- I am not continually in company! Miss me in their thoughts? A few close friends would, perhaps, when they think of our time together or when they would wish I were with them :)

Who CANNOT live without you?
What is more like a question to me is : Who CAN live WITH you? :)

Who tells you that you come FIRST in his/her life?
I've never cared about the numbering/ order- As long as I am in someone's life. Being the number one, should be good, or maybe, not as good. What do I care, anyway? No one ever 'told' me that :)

My friends= the ones I hold as friends.

Phew!! :)

Actually, Dolly- I am thankful to you. This thread indeed makes me realize things I've never addressed. Cheesy as it may sound, thank you so very much! "


  1. :) I shall contemplate over this one :)

  2. not for me to think about !!

  3. well written...agree with you to a large extent