Thursday, December 18, 2008

How random is Random?

This is one of my fave questions-- How Random is Random??

Whenever I've said, my head is random, I have some nutcase around that coos in, 'me too'- And I feel like asking' How random do you think random is?' Are thoughts not related, isn't it a chain? Then it can't be random! Do you think out of the bound? Then perhaps it is, but can you wholly deny ANY link to the previous thought? Thought is a process, nay? Why do mine keep flying in and out like birds, in some scrambled pattern? Oh,if there is a pattern, I cannot be thinking random! Or maybe? Sometimes I just think I am random, and I think it pleases me to differ from the consensus, to be me- without another's thought influencing -which is when there is a pattern and absence of a randomness!

I think I'll tag this one- meditations of an insomniac :P
And I'll keep adding to this one <"I have SO much to say I don't even sleep!"> :D

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