Saturday, November 29, 2008

Storms of two kinds..!

Its been raining here, in a rather unusual way- Incessantly, lashing out on the town. This place, I've lived in all my life did not have so much of rainfall in end Novembers , atleast as far as I can recall- I come to attribute it to the usual suspect- Global warming ..! We've become so conveniently tuned into believing in Global warming- We seem to think it a natural phenomenon, not as something we humans have been instigating!

27 th Nov, the wedding anniversary of one of my uncles, that lives in Mumbai. A very distant one, that is much too busy, otherwise, took his wife and his mom out for a long drive and then planned on a fine dinner- Which they could not make to of course. While still turning down the lane of their house, they were bombarded with phone calls, most of which were from my Grandma, asking/ ordering them to get back home- NOW! They get tuned into the news in a minute and get home in no time. Not a very interesting story perhaps, since it does not involve much action. They are safe.

And that is as much we care about. During the torrential rains, we are pleasantly sipping coffee looking out of the window at times , cursing the delay in the networks, cursing the rain. In times of alarm, we call up our dear ones, once convinced of their safety, we sleep- We have so much work to do, all day, everyday. That is as much time we can spend. Oh yeah, the news. I get updates on my mobile device. Upward!

The slums in my city would've been wiped off the ground, on the first day of the rains- There were such scary winds!
The people in my country would've been buried into the ground, on the first day of the attacks- There were such scary acts!

What is excusable? A sleepy conscience? the hope-deprived walking corpses? The corpses? The men that executed such a heinous crime? The national intelligence? This ? That? Me? You? Us? Who?

Do, tell me quick, (Do not if you are pointing to me) - So I can sleep! I've got to wake up early-

My alarm screams at me! I still sleep - chilly winters!


  1. Hi Rukhiya!

    Stormed -- that exactly was it...
    Good post, Rukhiya..and a Nice blog :)


  2. Hi Rukhiya!

    I just posted a comment here..not to be seen!!

    didn't i click right!? --possible :)

    anyway, was saying that India was just the past three days...

    other than that-- Oh yes, was saying you got a good blog! :)


  3. Yes, it is Devika!
    Thanks for dropping by! :)