Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yesterday..! Part-I

In the morning, while reading the newspapers I was suddenly grabbed by Mallika Sarabhai's candidacy. She's chosen to contest against Advani![Like I said, I haven't had the news about it.] [Pardon the conspicuous absence of any 'ji's or 'sir/madam et al. I cannot start to explain it now, anyway.] This is what I thought:
1. Wow. Against Advani? The possible prime ministerial candidate? BJP's Advani? Look at her guts! Thats like a woman who's head-strong and focused. If not anything, at least we can nurture a tiny glint of hope.
2. Ah Advani! Our dear dear Advani will use up all his means. She will not win, if we know anything about Advani, we can bet our money! I was imagining what he'd say against her at the campaigns. BJP loves slinging the mud under its own feet anyway. Any established political outfit for that matter! Will he now go singing that a danseuse cannot head an office? Something like that. He can always come up with surprising accusations. He's got talent!
3. Okay, so, I am thinking this woman is better than her rival in terms of her thinking, intellectuality, morality et al. How do I know this? I knew it all because she said it at her campaigns. So am I more impressed with her because she looks intellectual and communicates in fine and charming words? Because she represents the educated, the urban classes?
4. The power of communication. A well communicated thought is such a clincher! You might at first not even ponder on the thought per se, just the words used might charm you, quite without your volition .
5. I conclude, okay, I am impressed by her. But I do not trust her too. Politics is such. Blah blah, the usual, what difference does it make anyway.
6. My socio-political self is laid to rest.

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