Friday, February 20, 2009

Tag wag! :P- Words and Images!

I know its been LONG since I got here, but the previous post was self-explanatory about the break and the reasons :) Meena, love your 'come back' note *Hugs* :) . And Usha m'am, I'll be a good girl now :P [finally!]

Let me get done with this interesting tag thats been pending for long now. More appropriately because, its WORDS and IMAGES. There is nothing better, I've loved surely. :) Here goes:

The rule:
I'm supposed to be pasting an image for every answer of mine,from the first page of google image search,with minimal explanation.


1. The age you will be in your next birthday:

I'd like to say this in that typical tone one of my friends says- Tontee too :P But damn, so soon, this one doesn't make me happy :S

2. A place you’d like to travel to:
I'd love to travel, the world over. I really don't care 'where'. All I wish to do is wander and breathe from a patch of a meadow, listen to the gurgle of water,run , or just be, somewhere. A little free, a little empty. :) If I HAVE to pick up a place, it would be Santorini, Greece. I've been hugely fascinated lately with these pictures I see of this place. This place beats all my ideas of heaven :)

3. Your Favorite place:
Of all places I have access to, it should be my room [Needless to say, the balcony too :) ]

[Not mine. Pretty much like mine. Same pinch to that someone who is as clumsy as me :P]

.. and a place I usually drive off to towards the city's outskirts- Calm and soothing :) Sadly, Google wont help with it, but I shall try giving the picture. *Searches*

This place :) [Dug this one out from the PC :P]

4. Your favorite food/drink:

Chicken :D I think I can eat ANYTHING in the name of chicken :P [Its passed by tolerance test, EVERY single time , so! :) ] And the image search took long,I was drooling :P

Drink- Water, preferably cool. NOT chilled :) [Favorite or not, it is one thing that doesn't sicken me :P]

5. Your favorite pet:
CAT! [ pat comes the reply :P ] Almost all my friends know I am a cat maniac :) THE best creatures on the planet :) And you needn't pet them, they'll take it when they want , anyway ;)

6. Your favorite color combination: Umm, blue and a certain soft brown, the color of skin. I go bonkers over this combination :) Absolutely sensuous and subtle :)

7. Your favorite piece of clothing: Pajamas and tshirt :D MOST comfortable, which explains why I am always lazing around in them ;)

8. Your all time favorite song: All-time favorite is VERY hard to pick. Erm, Heaven by Bryan Adams. I don't know why I chose this one, maybe because I've always felt it was for me. Just that much :)

9. Your favorite TV show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. :)

and Oswald :D

10. Full name of your significant other: Significant other? Full name? Myself. Now, pick the first and second names out please ;)

11. The town in which you live in: Tirupati. Now, this image should be from some prehistoric era. Its less greener now, but green enough :)

12. Your screen name/nickname: Rukhiya- on/off screen. But,lately people have taken to calling me Rukhs. So that must be it :)Pick the 'Rukhs' part yourself! :|

13. Your first job: Was bad. Because I couldn't figure out what my 'job' was. :P [I am shtill in college, duh! ;)]

14. Your Dream Job:
To be a Pulmonologist :) Indeed my dream, but it won't look like a job to me :)

15: Bad Habit you have: Umm, I tend to think, people will 'understand' without me having to say something. And it turns out, this assumption is more often than not wrong. Sigh!

16. Your worst fear: Becoming someone I am not for a reason that is not mine.

17. The one thing you’ll like to do before you die: Say Au Revoir :P There are LOTS of things I'd like to do before I die. "God put me on earth to accomplish a few things, right now, I am so far behind, I'll never die" ;) That goes for me ;) And I usually end up doing all and everything I wish to do when I can so I am doing fairly well ;)

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000: Umm, our old mansion-like-house. That's for mom and dad. :)

Phew! Done! :) Thoroughly enjoyed this one, thanks dearest! :) I'll tag off everyone reading this :D [A cue from teacher dear :P]


  1. :) Loved it!

    Lol @chicken :D! You must be the elder son's twin :D! He's a chicken freak too :)

    And the house you will buy. You can count on that! Pulmonologists are rare breeds, so u can really make moolah.. lol!

    Hope there will be more who will do this tag:) It's so interesting getting to know u too :)

  2. :) Haha, chicken is chicKING ;)

    And the house,thanks for the wishes. :) Pulmonology is one thing I love totally. I do not want any other house, I want just the one where I grew up. LOTS of personal stuff in its walls :)

  3. nice reading about fellow blogger, good game of tagging

  4. shoo good to see you back !! blog lots dearie .. and this was ummm.. really interesting !! good u had the patience to search perfect answer images .. i will definitely get lost somewhere ...

  5. @Avinash- Thank you for dropping by! :)

    @Prats- *All smiles* And talk about patience, I am surprised at myself, I spent a good 3 hours doing this, and I did it all in one go. If it hadn't been for the words and the images thing, I wouldn't have in a zillion re-births :P