Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paint the streets!

This painting pulled me in! This painting is by Edgar Mueller, one of the most famous artists, I gather.

All I'd known of any art put to the street/road, were the occasional drawings I'd passed by close to the sidewalks. It was usually of some famous figure or deity, in chalk powder or coal, by some otherwise abled man (usually)- with the man holding his hands in a cup, asking to spare him some change. As a kid, I was in awe of the person's artistic abilities - To sprawl across something like that on the road was something to me. We rarely see that these days, what with the urbanization of the place I live in.

All this brushing up on my memory followed this-I logged into FB and a video caught my eye. It well, held it in a spell :) The video was of 'Street Painting'. What I was amazed by was the 3D quality of the paintings. The set of calculations, the perspective that went into it. My eyes rolled at the thought of the details and logistics that went into it.

Here's the video. But it still leaves a lot to be discovered.

For today, good enough. :)

[All credits due.]

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